Visual solutions

Quality, high standards and an out of the box way of thinking. Communications Grant Siméon Photographe with over 35 years of experience dedicated to producing strong creative images for our clients in the advertising, commercial and private sector. With a combination of a dynamic team of graphic designers, and with an award winning photographer, skills are brought together in a strong creative blend that achieves ideas and concepts that always far exceed what most imagine possible.


An award winning photographer, Grant has developed a true stylized look to his work. Grant's work includes decades of shooting the human condition, and with his out of the box approach, Grant has shown an innovative style in all his work. Detail, detail, detail- whether it be in advertising, product, people, or food photography, Grant applies his eye and flair to every image. Using the highest standards of technology with the industry's highest standards of conventional photography, our studio is able to offer you state-of-the-art technology with decades of quality experience.

Graphic Design

With a qualified team of graphic designers, writers, marketing researchers, and an award-winning photographer, the complete package for your communication needs can be achieved under one roof. The complete package can be had at a touch. Whatever your communication needs - full concept design from corporate branding to brochure work - our team can bring the abstract to a reality. Truly the idea of one stop shopping. One call puts you in touch not only with the photography side of your project, but it's also the direct link to the graphic design side too. Our clients love the ease as they flow from the photography side to the design side, discussing retouching, layout or their overall project needs. Problems are solved on the spot, no time delay, in going back and forth, time saved is money saved. We can also work in supporting your design agency with all your image preparation, retouching and color calibration. Your time will always be well spent, and so will be your money.